How to check the battery in the PIPE

Published: 2007-05-22


Last Updated: 2010-12-03

Applies To

  • Readers: The PIPE, PIPE II, Stubby PIPE



Battery life varies depending on usage. Generally The PIPE’s main battery will last about two years. Click here to see information about the expected battery life for PIPE II and Stubby PIPE.


Some symptoms of battery failure:

  • The PIPE quits working - the scan confirmation beeper and LED quit working; the PIPE will not record data and will not download.
  • Intermittent functionality - the PIPE reads buttons sometimes, and may or may not download.
  • No scan confirmation beep - the beeper doesn't work, but the LED illuminates when a button is scanned, and the PIPE reads and downloads.
  • The PIPE won't download - the unit will read buttons, but can not download the data.


Refer to PIPE Usage and Troubleshooting for more information.



Checking the battery