Interpreting The PIPE's History Log

Published: 2019-09-24


Last Updated: 2019-09-24



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The PIPE II and The Stubby PIPE record specific events in an internal Event History log. This log can be used to determine when a PIPE was last downloaded, or to identify abuse of the PIPE.


The History log can be viewed with the USB Downloader Application’s PIPE Settings tab or the IP Downloader’s PIPE Activity page.


Viewing the History Log

You can view the log with the USB Downloader Application or the IP Downloader Management webpage.



The following History log fields are displayed by the USB Downloader Application:



The upper pane displays the 35 most critical events that have occurred since the PIPE was last initialized.


The lower pane shows the most recent 4096 events in chronological order with the most recent at the top.



The following History Log fields are displayed by the IP Downloader’s PIPE Activity page:




Log Contents

Most of the PIPE’s Event log entries, recorded in Event #s 98 and higher, will be for normal PIPE operations. For example, this sequence is typical and occurs every time the PIPE is downloaded:




Other Event Types






The History log tells you how the PIPE has been handled. The presence of the event types below could indicate handling outside the expected usage conditions of The PIPE.


Event Type Possible Causes

Tip Shorted

• Placing a metal object across the tip

• Submerging the PIPE II in water


• Connecting the PIPE II to an external power source (negative terminal)


• Connecting the PIPE II to an external power source (positive terminal)

Mechanical Shock

• Dropping the PIPE II deliberately with an undue amount of force

Volts Equivalent Drop to Concrete
1.2V – 1.4V 8 feet
1.4V – 1.8V 16 feet
1.8V – 2.1V 24 feet