The PIPE makes a siren sound when buttons are scanned

Published: 2009-07-25


Last Updated: 2015-03-17


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When you scan a button, The PIPE makes a two-tone siren sound.


More Information

The PIPE can make three different beep sounds when scanning a button (click the link to play the sound):





PIPE II version 5.01 Enhanced Storage Warning

PIPEs with firmware version 5.01 and higher can make a fourth type of beep.  This Storage Warning occurs under the following conditions:

  1. The PIPE has been used with Guard1 Plus 5.x software and has been placed in Enhanced Storage Mode,
  2. The PIPE contains more than 4883 records, and
  3. You are attempting to download the PIPE to software or a downloader that does not support Enhanced Storage Mode.


If you receive the Storage Warning beep, you should download the PIPE at a USB Downloader connected to Guard1 Plus 5.x software. If you do not have Guard1 Plus 5.x software, contact Technical Support for assistance.















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