Find your device's IMEI

Published: 2019-08-12


Last Updated: 2019-08-12


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Every mobile phone has an IMEI (International Mobile Equipment Identity), which is a unique ID number.  TimeKeeping Systems uses the IMEI to identify the device for Mobile Device Management (MDM) and for service history tracking.


If you contact us about a particular phone, we will ask you for the IMEI.



Find the IMEI

There are two ways to find the IMEI of the CAT-S41 Smartphone.


  1. Label on the rear.  TimeKeeping Systems affixes a label on the rear of each phone that is managed by our MDM system.  This label displays your customer number and the last four or five digits of the IMEI.  In the example CON023-54238, the customer number is CON023 and the last five digits of the IMEI are 54238.


  1. ID tag in the phone. On the left side of the phone (above the orange push-to-talk button), lift the rubber SIM cover. Between the SIM card and the screen there is a plastic tag that slides out and has a label on it showing the IMEI. Often this tag will slide out easily by tipping the phone on its side.  You can also hook it with a paper clip or your fingernail and pull gently to slide it out. After obtaining the IMEI, push the tag back into place and replace the rubber SIM cover.