Moving Location Buttons Using the Cut and Paste Commands

Published: 2012-04-23


Last Updated:2012-04-23

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Over time as you use Guard1 Plus, you may need to move Location buttons from one Client, Facility or Group to another Client, Facility or Group. There are two ways to move Location buttons: Cut and Paste or Remove and Add Location.If you use the Cut and Paste commands to move these Location buttons, you will be able to view these Locations' historical data in the Tour and Rule reports.


If you use the Remove and Add Location commands, you will not see the data collected prior to this change in your Tour and Rule reports as described in Moving Location Buttons Using the Remove and Add Location Commands.




For example, let's say that in January 2012 you set up one Client, called Company ABC with three Facilities, called East, West and Exterior and you collect PIPE data. Now in April 2012, you decide to move the locations from East and West to a new Facility called Interior. The reports for this new Interior Facility will show all of the data collected since January 2012.


To Cut and Paste location buttons follow these steps.


  1. Contact your SQL administrator to create a SQL backup of your database.

  2. Shut down the IP Attendant service(s) to prevent the IP Downloaders from downloading.

  3. Shut down the Attendant SE programs to prevent the Direct/USB Downloaders from downloading.
  4. Launch a Guard1 Plus SE Client.

  5. Open the Facilities tab.

  6. Highlight the Location button, Facility or Group that you want to move, right-click it and select Cut.

  7. At the prompt, click OK to continue.
  8. Highlight the Client, Facility or Group where the Location button, Facility or Group should be moved and right click, then select Paste.
  9. The Paste function may take several minutes, so wait until the cursor returns
  10. Restart the IP Attendant service(s) and the Attendant SE programs so the PIPEs can be downloaded.