Activate Software Wizard Crashes

Published: 2012-08-02


Last Updated: 2012-08-02

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The Activate Software Wizard crashes when trying to contact the activation server. Windows notifies the user that the application has crashed, and Windows Event Viewer shows an error in the Application Log with the Faulting Module shown as CSSP.dll.



A third-party security product, CyberSieve, causes the crash.  CSSP.dll is a CyberSieve file.



Disable CyberSieve filtering:


  1. Right-click the CyberSieve icon in the System Tray.
  2. Select Disable Filtering.
  3. Enter CyberSieve password if requested, then click OK.
  4. Run the Activate Software Wizard to complete your Guard1 product activation.
  5. After successfully activating your Guard1 product, re-enable CyberSieve filtering.


CyberSieve does not appear to affect Guard1 product functionality beyond this issue with the Activate Software Wizard.


















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