Incident and Officer Buttons are not Listed

Published: July 12, 2005


Last Updated: 2010-03-08

Applies To


On the Buttons tab in Guard1 Plus you do not see the Incident or Officer buttons that have been defined.



If none of the Incidents in the Guard1 Plus database are linked to a button, the Incident node in the treeview on the Button tab of Guard1 Plus will act as though there are Incident buttons to view. This is because Guard1 Plus, when starting, checks the Incident table to see if there are any rows, regardless of whether they are linked to any buttons. If there are Incidents , it draws the node in the treeview as if there are child nodes when there are not. When the user clicks to expand the node, the plus sign disappears, and the node does not expand.


This behavior also occurs for the Officer node when there are Officers defined but none are assigned to a button.


This is a known issue. The workaround is to assign a button to each Incident/Officer.