Local Client shows Help tabs in different language

Published: 2006-07-07


Last Updated: 2010-07-26

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Help tabs are displayed in a different language than the Guard1 Plus SE Local Client language.  For example, the Local Client is installed in English but displays German on the Help tabs.



SQL Server was installed with a different language selection than the Local Client.



Only one language can be displayed on the Help tabs.  By default this is the language SQL Server was installed with. To switch languages, delete all records in the HelpTabChild and HelpTabParent tables of the Guard1 Plus SE Application Database using the following T-SQL statements in the order shown:



Once the tables are cleared, open a Local Client that is installed with the desired language, then display the Help tab.  This will repopulate the tables, and Help tabs will now be displayed in the desired language on all Local Client workstations.