Photos do not print on Guard1 Plus SE Rule Itinerary Report after converting standalone database

Published: 2007-10-05


Last Updated: 2010-07-26

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When printing or previewing a Rule Itinerary Report with the "Print photos with report" option selected, some or all photos are not printed.



This is a known issue in Guard1 Plus SE when using a database converted from version 2.60 or 3.02. Part of the conversion procedure is to manually copy all image files linked to the standalone database to the shared Guard1 Plus SE Server\Images folder. After this is done, the photos will be visible on the Button Properties Photo tabs in Guard1 Plus SE.


However, the Rules module does not recognize the new links, and photos linked to the converted database will not print on the Rule Itinerary Report. Only photos added to Guard1 Plus SE after the database conversion will appear on the report.



  1. Open each of your Rules in Guard1 Plus SE.
  2. Make a minor change (such as changing the Valid From date).
  3. Undo the change if desired.
  4. Save the Rule.


This will re-link the Button photos to the Rules table and the photos will now print on the Rule Itinerary Report. This must be done for each Rule that contains Buttons with photos.