Color Indications

Rounds Tracker's method of color-coding cells allows you to quickly identify any exceptions or missed locations.

Green text in a cell indicates the location was visited within the time range you specified.

Red text with an orange background means the location was visited outside your desired time range.

A spotted background in a cell indicates that there is a related incident. Hold the cursor over the cell to view this information.

A red triangle in the corner of the cell represents additional detail. Hold the cursor over the cell to view this information.


The Toolbar

The Rounds Tracker Toolbar has three selections: Refresh, Setup, and Email.

• Click Refresh to update the view with the latest contents of your selected database. This will refresh the active worksheet only.

• Click Setup to open the Setup window.

• Click E-mail to send a copy of the current view as an e-mail attachment.

• In Office 2007 and later, these icons can be found in the Add-Ins Ribbon.



Use the setup window to select your data, the views you want to display, and related options.



If GUARD1 PLUS is installed on your computer, the active database is

C:\TimeKeeping Systems\Guard1 Plus\G1Master.g1p.

This is the called the local database.

To select a database:

  1. From the Setup Window, click Change Database.
  2. From the Select a Database window, click Local Guard1 Plus Database to select the local database, or click Other Guard1 Plus Database to choose a different database.
  3. Click OK.



The Filter section of the Setup Window shows the GUARD1 PLUS Facilities tab. You must select a client, facility, group or location to create a worksheet. If the Facilities tab is changed in GUARD1 PLUS, click Refresh to update the list.



The Worksheets selection determines which views Rounds Tracker will display. Each view is created in a separate Excel worksheet.


Date and Time

There are three ways to define the period of time displayed:

Synchronized Mode displays a period of time including the present.

o To refresh the data in the current view automatically, click Automatically Refresh and select a time interval. A time interval less than 15 minutes is not recommended.

Shift Mode includes the data recorded from the time entered in the Since field.

Specific Date Range includes the data defined by related date and time boxes.



Defaults (image needed)

You can select values for the Minimum and Maximum Time Interval between visits to a location. These values apply to all views except Rounds view. If the time between location reads is less than the minimum or greater than the maximum, an exception is noted on the worksheet.

The Default Rounds Value applies only to Rounds view. It specifies how many times per hour each location should be read. If the number of visits is less than the default rounds value, an exception is indicated in the Rounds view.


Options (image needed)

24-Hour Time – when selected, times are displayed in 24-hour format.

Show Seconds – when selected, seconds are displayed in views and incident detail.

Auto-Load Spreadsheet – when selected, Rounds Tracker loads the most recently used database on startup, skipping the Welcome Screen.

Show Incidents – when selected, incidents are included.

Show Offenders – when selected, incidents are included.