Tracking Offenders in Rounds Tracker

Beginning with Guard1 Plus Server Edition (SE) version 4.3, you can track offenders. From the Guard1 Plus SE Client, you assign an offender to a particular location. You will see the offender’s name in both the Reporting Services Offender and Rounds Tracker reports.


Reports reflect the current assignment history as entered in Guard1 Plus. Guard1 Plus does not maintain a history of offender assignment changes. If an audit trail of offender assignment changes is required, we recommend you consider implementing an audit in SQL Server. A number of third-party tools are available for this purpose. TimeKeeping Systems can provide additional information to customers interested in implementing an audit trail of offender assignment changes or other data.


To enable Offender Tracking in Rounds Tracker:

  1. Launch Rounds Tracker.
  2. After you log in, the Setup Window appears on the screen.



  1. Select the client, facility, group or location.
  2. Select the Worksheets.
  3. Enter the Date and Time.
  4. Under the Defaults tab, enter the minimum and maximum time intervals along with the rounds requirement.
  5. In the lower right hand corner, open the Options tab.
  6. Place a check beside “Show Offenders”.
  7. Click OK to generate the reports.
  8. A sample report is found below.