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Guard1 Plus Server Edition

Guard1 Plus Server Edition

A complete one license Client/Server system. To expand, simply add additional licenses.



This is the base package for Client/Server systems.

  • Guard1 Plus Server Edition software
  • Highly scalable to support multiple sites and users
  • Supports data transfer from remote sites with the IP Downloader
  • Includes online training class and one year Support Subscription
  • Technical support available via e-mail, telephone, or chat

This system includes:

  • 1 PIPE Touch Button Reader
  • 1 Direct Downloader for The PIPE
  • 1 Nylon Belt Holster for The PIPE
  • 100 5mm Touch Memory Buttons
  • 100 Plastic Mounts for Tour Stations
  • 100 Adhesive Foam Disks
  • 220 Phillips Head Screws
  • 4 Button Mount Covers
  • 1 Leather Wallet
  • 2 Keyring Button Holders
  • Guard1 Plus Server Edition software
  • 1 Server License
  • 1 Reporting Services License
  • 1 Client License
  • 1 Attendant License
  • Online Webex training class
  • One Year Support Subscription
  • Five Year Hardware Warranty on The PIPE
  • Five Year Battery Warranty on The PIPE
  • One Year Warranty on all other hardware items

Contact your sales representative for assistance in configuring a Guard1 Plus Server Edition system.

View Guard1 Plus Server Edition Reports

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