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Our story

TimeKeeping Systems, Inc.

We've always been a technology company.

In the 1980s, we started as the offshoot of an advertising agency, where we used technology to automate the business. Those were the early days of word processing, electronic typesetting, and bar code.

We started TimeKeeping Systems in 1986 to help companies and organizations do what we had done for our own business – to automate data collection for keeping track of time spent on jobs or tasks. Our first customer was the cartography department of the World Bank.

Cell Checks

Our first bar code reader.

For many years our products included bar code readers and bar code printing software. We still manufacture bar code readers for access control, under our EZBarcode trade name.

Throughout the 1990s we were one of the leading manufacturers of bar code reading equipment. Our product line migrated toward security applications, as the wave of low-end offshore bar code readers came to replace American products.

Cell Checks

Some of our early data collection products.

We've been involved with the security industry for most of our history. We introduced our first guard tour system in 1987. The PIPE was developed as a response to customer requests for an abuse-proof guard tour system.

Guard1 and The PIPE have been accepted as the preferred and recommended guard tour solution of many of the largest guard companies. As a result, we have had the opportunity — and the good fortune — to work with many of the largest companies in the security industry. Our customers set a high standard and much of our success has come from working to meet their challenge.

Guard1 Manufacturing

Guard1 products are designed and built in the U.S.

We have always believed in doing our own manufacturing. It gives us flexibility in scheduling, faster prototyping of new designs, and most importantly, control over quality. We started in 1992 with simple assembly, and as our products became more sophisticated, so did our manufacturing. In the early 2000s we added electronic manufacturing. Our goal has always been to make products that are the best, and we find that doing our own manufacturing gives us control over product quality and design. Today we have selective solder for through-hole parts, and a full surface mount line with capabilities down to 0201 passives and micro BGA, with X-ray inspection.

Guard1 Surface Mount LIne

Automated surface mount electronic manufacturing.

The ruggedness of our products has made them particularly suitable for correctional use, and we're proud to be the provider to over a thousand correctional facilities. The products we've developed for these toughest of environments are well suited to protection of people and property in other areas, like long term care and hospitality.

And through the years we've had the opportunity – and the pleasure – of working with many true professionals in the fields of corrections and security.

As we enter our fourth decade we continue to explore technology solutions, especially real time systems, radio frequency and mobile applications. The key to our success has always been our talented team, a focus on taking the best possible care of our customers, and using technology to help those who work in the most difficult of environments.