For over 30 years, protecting lives, property and reputations.

In fields where reliability and performance are critical.

Meeting the toughest challenges in corrections, corporate security, healthcare, hospitality, and dozens of other applications.

Since 1986, we've protected over 40,000 facilities around the world.

  • Over 1100 adult and juvenile correctional facilities, from ten beds to ten thousand.
  • United States Embassies in over eighty countries.
  • Government agencies and the U.S. Capitol.
  • Hospitals, behavioral health care, long term care and nursing facilities.
  • Hotels and resorts throughout the world.
  • Schools, colleges and universities.
  • Security guard companies.

Companies and organizations have long relied on Guard1 and The PIPE to document guard tours, patrols and inspections.

Today, Guard1 does much more – managing tasks and workflows with mobile devices, zone-based location of people and things with Guard1 Tracking, providing emergency signaling with Guard1 Duress personal alarms, and people management with Guard1 RFID wristband scanning.

Guard1 documents all types of checks and safety inspections, promotes staff task management and documentation with mobile devices and the safety of people with duress devices, and real time location of people and things.

For proof of presence, real time tracking, safety and well-being of those in your care, and staff efficiency with mobile devices, Guard1 has your solution.


Made in the USA

We manufacture our products in the United States from the circuit board through final assembly. This allows us to maintain high quality and implement the latest technology.

Experience and Reliability

We started as a guard tour provider system in 1987, and have become the largest supplier of guard tour patrol systems. Whatever your application, you'll benefit from our experience performing in the toughest environments imaginable.

Product Development

We develop leading edge technology solutions built around proof of presence and we invest heavily in product development. Proprietary RF tracking technology, high-availability real time software.

Warranty and Service

You can rely on Guard1 products. The PIPE, used by tens of thousands of companies and organizations, is so rugged that we guarantee it with a five-year warranty, the best in the industry. And we're dedicated to providing great service. 99.6% of orders placed before noon ship the same day.

SINCE 1986