Checkpoints and Accessories

Checkpoints are used to identify the locations to be visited during security guard patrols, to identify the officer performing the patrol, and to note any incidents or observations.

Touch Memory Buttons

Touch Memory Buttons

Touch Memory Buttons are the checkpoints used by the Guard1 system. Each button contains a microchip with a unique ID number. The PIPE reads and stores the button's ID number. Officers, tour stations, and incident codes can all be recorded using touch buttons.

Buttons are attractive, durable, and unobtrusive, making them equally suitable for a corporate headquarters or an industrial setting. They are waterproof, and resist tampering and abuse, making them ideal for outdoor applications beause they will not corrode or degrade. Touch memory buttons are the modern, electronic patrol system equivalent of the old-fashioned Detex watchclock station.

We offer a variety of mounting options for touch buttons including plastic mounts and adhesive foam "dots".

PrisonProof® Checkpoints

PrisonProof Checkpoints

Where intentional abuse is an issue, our super-rugged PrisonProof® Buttons and Stainless Steel Mounts are the answer. Originally designed for use in correctional facilities, they have stood the test of time in the toughest environments. Stainless steel checkpoints are ideal for correctional institutions or abuse-prone locations.


Stainless Steel Mounts (pictured at left, above) offer secure mounting for our standard touch memory buttons. They can be installed using standard or tamper-resistant screws. Because the buttons they protect are hollow, determined abuse can still damage them. Where this is an issue, we recommend our PrisonProof Buttons.


Our PrisonProof Buttons (on the right) are truly "sledgehammer proof". They replace the touch memory button and can resist the most extreme abuse.

We Can Help

We have over two decades of experience assisting companies and organizations with abuse-resistant guard tour solutions. If you are dealing with this problem, our product support team can help you as well.

Leather Incident Wallet

Leather Incident Wallet for Touch Buttons

The button wallet is an ideal way for officers to carry incident buttons. The wallet holds up to twelve buttons. It’s easy to use - just flip it open and read.

Using our Guard1 Plus or EasyTour software, you define the incidents or observations that the buttons represent. A card on the upper flap identifies each button and is protected by clear vinyl. While making a patrol, scan the button representing the observation you wish to record.

For more than 12 incidents, the wallet can be used for numeric entry. Buttons represent the numbers 0 to 9, Enter and Clear. With Guard1 Plus, you can assign up to ten thousand different numeric codes to your observations, and the program interprets the buttons read by The PIPE according to the numeric code.

Key Fobs and Button Holders for Security Guard Monitoring

One of the most important functions of any security guard monitoring system is identifying the officer performing the patrol. Our software uses officer buttons to monitor security guard activity. The security manager defines a button and provides it to the officer, who reads this button at the beginning of a shift or the start of a tour.

Plastic Keyring Button Holder

Plastic Keyring Button Holder

Convenient and economical for general, the plastic button holder attaches to the officer's keyring. The button snaps into the holder. (Button sold separately.)

Security Guard Login Board

Login Board

Holds up to thirty officer buttons. The Login Board can be written on with a dry-erase marker. Buttons (sold separately) are held in place by a flexible magnetic sheet. Mounts with four screws.

Brass Keyring Button Holder

Brass PrisonProof® Keyring Button Holder

Tough 1/8" thick brass button holders with an extra-large hole for large keyrings. (Button included — ships with button installed.)

Mounting Options for Touch Memory Buttons

We offer a variety of alternatives for mounting buttons.

Plastic Wall Mount Button Holder

Plastic Wall Mount Button Holder

Plastic button mounts can be attached to most surfaces with drywall or tamper resistant screws. Button sold separately.

Cover for Plastic Wall Mount Button Holder

Cover for Plastic Wall Mount Button Holder

Our button mount cover provides protection from weather, water and oil.

Stainless Steel Button Mount

Stainless Steel Mount

Where abuse is a concern, our stainless steel mounts provide a rugged, durable solution. Button sold separately.

Weatherproof Button Cover

Weatherproof Button Cover

Our outdoor mount can be installed on wood, concrete or other surfaces. A gasket protects the button from water, oil, and other contaminants when the cover is closed.