EZBarcode - Bar Code Card Reader for Access Control

EZBarcode Card Reader for Access Control

Bar code in, Wiegand or ABA out — Our EZBarcode Access Control Module reads bar code cards and outputs in a variety of modes compatible with your access control system.

Why bar code?

Bar code cards are simple to create and easy to use. They provide the lowest-cost cards of any access control technology. Most card manufacturers can provide bar coded cards. A variety of PC based bar code printing products also is available, to enable you to print bar codes and apply them to badges and ID cards. And bar code masking products are available to prevent counterfeit duplication and provide a high level of security.

Rugged and waterproof

The reader has a tough carbon-filled polycarbonate shell. It is sealed against moisture, with all electronics completely encased in epoxy, and rated for use from -20° to +150°F (-30° to +70°C).

Reads all bar code types

The EZBarcode reader decodes all common and many uncommon bar code symbologies. It is autodiscriminating, and reads in both directions. It reads well with a wide range of bar code densities and scanning speeds. And standard infrared optics make it compatible with most masking film and bar code security coverings. EZBarcode reads all standard bar code types — and it works with security overlaminates.

Easy to interface with any system

The EZBarcode reader outputs in Wiegand, magstripe or ASCII formats. It connects to most access control systems with an industry standard five-wire interface. You can add bar code reading to an existing system with ease.

Output formats

  • Wiegand – The EZBarcode reader outputs standard 26 bit Wiegand. See more about numbering limitations for Wiegand data.
  • ABA – The reader outputs mag stripe track II data, with magstrip (clock / data) or Wiegand (data 1 / data 0) signals.
  • TTL ASCII – The reader ouputs standard serial data at 0V and 5V levels.