Guard Tour

For over thirty years, The Guard Tour Experts®.

Rugged. The PIPE is the standard for durability. It will give you years of use.

Made in the USA. Guard1 products are designed, manufactured, and supported in the United States.

Long battery life. The PIPE's battery life is the best in the industry – typically four to five million reads.

Experienced. We have thirty years of experience developing guard tour technology. We sold our first system in 1987, tens of thousands since then.

Reliable. We are the largest supplier of guard tour patrol systems. Tens of thousands of companies and organizations trust Guard1 to document guard rounds and inspections.

The best warranty. The PIPE's ruggedness and long battery life mean we can offer you the best warranty in the industry.

Minimize liability and maximize accountability with Guard1.

The PIPE – our super-rugged guard tour data recorder. Tens of thousands of companies and organizations rely on Guard1 and The PIPE to document inspections and patrols.