Real Time Software.
Real Time Information.
Real Time Alerts.
Real Time Intelligence.

Guard1 Real Time. Powerful software for managing your facility.

Versatile. Guard1 has lots of features to simplify management of your facility.

Modular. Start with the Guard1 features you need, secure in the knowledge that you can always expand your system when you need to.

Cloud? Of course. Run from your server or use our cloud solution.

Data Warehouse. Guard1 Real Time implements a data warehouse for robust reporting and management of data archiving,

Easy to integrate. Guard1 is designed for integration with your existing systems.

Minimize liability and maximize accountability with Guard1.

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Guard1 Real Time software alerts view

Monitor and respond to real time alerts. Guard1 requires acknowledgements and logs all alerts. Alerts remain until they are no longer active, and have been acknowledged.

What kind of alerts can Guard1 show me? Here are some examples:

Mobile Workflows

  • Missed or late tasks
  • Well-being check conditions
  • Late return from out zone

Personal Alarms

  • Emergency (panic button pressed)
  • Man Down
  • Removed from holster
  • No movement
  • Low battery
  • Device not seen


Guard1 Real Time software map view

Click on any zone in a map, and see a list of everyone who is in that zone. Alerts are shown in color on the map and on the inmate list.