As the name says, it's easy. Easy to set up and easy to use.

These systems use our EasyTour software. Customers tell us typical software installation and setup takes about 15 minutes.

EasyTour systems include one year of e-mail support. Because EasyTour is remarkably easy to use, technical support via telephone or chat is sold separately for a small additional charge. This allows us to offer EasyTour systems at an extremely low price.

EasyTour is best suited for use with up to 30 checkpoints. For larger needs or more demanding requirements, we recommend systems based on our Guard1 Plus or Guard1 Real Time software.

Economy System

EasyTour System with the Stubby PIPE

Economy Systems

System Choices

We offer two pre-configured systems with everything you need to get started. You can use these as a starting point, and add additional readers, buttons, and accessories you need.

Please visit our store for system contents and prices.

EasyTour System Features

We offer a complete range of pre-configured guard patrol systems. Whether you require a small, low-cost system or an enterprise-level solution, one of our patrol systems will meet your needs.

More Choices

We're the leader in guard patrol systems. And that means you have more choices. Whether you need a simple, low-cost system to a large enterprise-level implementation collecting data from multiple remote sites, we have a guard patrol solution for you.

See our Guard1 Plus System Selection Guide for systems with additional capabilities.

An Upgrade Path

Most of our systems provide an upgrade path. It's nice to know that you can upgrade your software or expand the capabilities of your patrol system as your needs increase.

System Contents

EasyTour Software
Software Upgrade Path1
One Year E-mail Support2
Reader and Downloader
Stubby PIPE
USB Downloader
Checkpoints and Accessories
5mm Touch Memory Button2020
Adhesive Foam Disk2020
Plastic Wall-Mount Button Holder55
Keyring Button Holder11
Reader Warranty (years)25
Other Hardware Warranty (years)11
30-Day Money Back Guarantee
  1. Upgrade from EasyTour to Guard1 Plus software.
  2. Support via e-mail only.

EasyTour screenshot

EasyTour application

EasyTour Software

EasyTour software provides all the basics for guard tour verification. It's ideal for smaller security departments where requirements or budgets are limited. If you're looking for a professional-quality guard tour software solution, EasyTour is your answer.

Get up and running fast

There's no special configuration required — just connect a downloader and start the program. EasyTour automatically locates your downloader.

To get started, simply read your checkpoints, then follow the on-screen instructions to define your checkpoints and create a route. That's all there is to it — you're ready to begin making tours.

Exception Reporting

EasyTour provides standard download reports and tour reports. Reports show incidents and exceptions, including locations your officers missed.

Hardware Support

EasyTour works with The PIPE and Stubby PIPE. We offer a choice of low cost, preconfigured guard tour verification systems that include EasyTour software

EasyTour is best suited for use with up to 30 checkpoints. For larger requirements, we recommend our Guard1 Plus software.

System Requirements for EasyTour Software

EasyTour has the following system requirements:

Product CPU RAM Free Hard
Disk Space
Operating System and
Minimum Service Pack
Other Required Status2
EasyTour 1.x 1.0 GHz 256 MB 1.5 GB Windows XP with SP21
Windows Vista with SP1
Windows 7
Windows 10
USB Port EasyTour is a Mainstream product.  Mainstream products are currently in production and eligible for full support.
  1. 32-bit only.
  2. Product lifecycle status Mainstream Product, Maintenance Product

EasyTour 1.x 


  • 1.0 GHz


  • 256 MB

Free Hard Disk Space

  • 1.5 GB

Operating System and Minimum Service Pack

  • Windows XP with SP21
  • Windows Vista with SP1
  • Windows 7
  • Windows 10

Other Required

  • USB Port


  1. 32-bit only.
  2. Product lifecycle statusMainstream Product, Maintenance Product

EasyTour Software Features

Here are the features of our EasyTour package.

Software Features

Single User Application
Client/Server Application
SQL Server 2012, 2014
SQL Server Express Edition
Scheduled Data Maintenance
Hardware Support
24-hour-a-day Unattended Downloading
Supports The PIPE
Supports Stubby PIPE
Supports the Incident Wallet
Supports the IP Downloader
Transfer Download Data via LAN
Rules and Advanced Reporting
Keypad Module
Rounds Tracker
Reporting Services
Download Reports
Exception Reports
Officer, Location, Incident Reports
Report Features
E-mail Reports
Scheduled Reports
Automatically E-mail Reports
Export Data to Excel, PDF, HTML
Publish Reports to a Web Site
Customize Reports
Develop New Reports
Other Features
Online Help
User Passwords
Data Archiving
60-Day Trial Version
Training and Support (no charge during the first year after purchase)
Online Training Class Included
Support Available via E-mail
Support Available via Telephone1
Support Available via Chat1
  1. EasyTour purchase includes one year of support via e-mail. Telephone and chat support is available at additional cost with the purchase of a support subscription.