Professional Services for Guard1 Plus

Simplify installation and setup

Guard1 Plus Server Edition is an advanced client/server application. It works with a number of Microsoft components, including SQL Server and SQL Server Reporting Services. These components can be installed and configured in a number of different ways, which in turn affects the configuration of Guard1 Plus Server Edition. Depending on these options and deployment choices, the installation of Guard1 Plus Server Edition can be relatively simple or quite complex. In many cases, reversing a wrong choice can be time-consuming and may require reinstalling SQL Server Reporting Services.

With the assistance of our Professional Services team, your installation and setup will go smoothly.

Get up and running faster

As with any new task, doing it the first time simply takes longer. Our Professional Services staff has installed Server Edition many times and can install it on your system in less time that your own IT staff.

Setting up the Microsoft components used by Server Edition can be tricky. In some cases, making the wrong choice can require uninstalling and reinstalling the Microsoft components. We can help you avoid these "gotchas" and other time-wasters.

Maximize your investment

Our Professional Services staff can review your business requirements and make sure that you take advantage of all the features of Guard1 Plus. Our staff can help you set up Guard1 Plus to provide the information you need, and configure Reporting Services to deliver reports automatically to your managers and supervisors.

Free up your IT staff

For most organizations, IT staff availability is limited. Using Professional Services from TimeKeeping Systems can reduce the hours your own staff has to devote. Implementation is faster because the schedule is not dependent on IT staff availability.

On-line or on-site

Depending on your needs our Professional Services team can visit your facility to provide implementation and training in person, or we can assist you remotely.

Training, too

For most customers, Professional Services includes training. We can customize this training for your officers, supervisors and managers.

You will be delighted

We're dedicated to making Guard1 Plus a success for you. We are glad to provide references. Every customer who has used our professional services team has been delighted. An investment in Professional Services will save you time and effort, and will enable you to make the most of Guard1 Plus's features.